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Ch. 1 Nothings Really What It Seems

Authors note: Blogger's a bitch and the text is all messed up. Sorry, I don't know how to fix it. Hopefully it'll work better in the next chapter, sigh.
Oh, and I couldn't find an Impala '67, so it's a '64. Kind of looks the same though.
Anyways, enjoy. 

How do you begin this stuff? Dear diary? Can you even consider this a diary? Oh well.  Hi. I'm Mary Winchester. 19 years old, living in Moonlight Falls. Daughter of Dean and Lisa Winchester. Named after my grandmother. I have an older halfbrother named Ben. I'm single. I don't really have any friends. My house is really small. And messy. Or no, scratch that. Messy is an understatement. I travel around a lot because of my job. It's kind of a family profession. My father and my uncle worked with it. So did their parents. And my grandmother's father. My halfbrother doesn't, though. But that's because we don't have the same dad. I have no idea who his dad is. Truth is, I barely know anything about him. He's 10 years older than me. I think he's married, and maybe he even has children. I don't know.

My dad told me several times that he didn't want me to live this life. He didn't want me to be raised into it the way he did. But that was before my mother died. Or well, got killed. Her throat was slit. But I'll tell you more about that later. I didn't go to her funeral, which I regret. After her death my father kind of became a numb shell. Everything he cared about was keeping me, Ben and his brother Sam safe. Dad's idea of "keeping safe" might have been a little different from others, though. And I don't think Sam was needed to be kept safe. Sam was probably a better hunter than my father. Yeah, hunters. That's what we're called. Our job is to find and kill anything supernatural. Werewolves, ghosts, demons... People would say that we're crazy. Maybe we are. But one thing is for sure. Without us, loads of people wouldn't be alive today.

Every hunter started hunting for a reason. I don't know why my grand-grandfather did it. But I think my grandmother got raised into it. Then she met John, my grandfather. She decided to give up hunting. And I'm not sure, but someone got killed. Maybe it was John. Mary made a deal with a demon. This person who got killed would be brought back to life if this demon, Azazel, could return ten years later and do something to Mary's child. 
Mary gave up hunting and settled down with John. They had two children, Dean, who is my father, and Sam. Ten years after Mary's meeting with the demon, Azazel returned. It was exactly six months after Sam's birth. Azazel went to Sam's nursery and put a few drops of demonblood in Sam's mouth. Mary got in the way and was killed. 
That was how John Winchester started hunting. To kill the demon that killed his wife. And his sons were also raised into it. 
Many years later my dad married my mother and stopped hunting too. They had me. And my father swore that he wouldn't allow me to live the way he had. And then mum got killed by this vampire. Dad got back to hunting and I was forced into it.
That was 10 years ago. I was nine when my dad put a gun in my hand and taught me how to defend myself. I was 10 when I finally learned how to exorcism a demon by heart. At 13 I had made so many devilstraps that I could do it with my eyes shut. The first time I killed someone, or something, I was twelve. It was an awful way of growing up, but somehow, I liked it.

I know, I may not look like someone who's killed many hundreds of... creatures. But believe me, I'm tougher than I look. I think I inherited it from dad.
Other things that I inherited from him is my drinking. Probably every hunter has a small drinking problem though. There are many bars by the road, and we all drive around a lot. I drive a '67 Chevy Impala. Also my father's. My granddad bought it when he had just met Mary. When my dad got older he got the car. I know they were in some sort of carcrash and he had to rebuild the Impala. But it's still the same. And I love it.

Okay, enough with all this talking. I've got stuff to do. I'm working on a case. Vampires. 6 people have been killed just this week. Completely drained on blood. Bitemarks on their necks. All I need to do is find the vampire nest and kill them. Wouldn't be too hard. Except, the easiest way to kill a vampire is by chopping it's head off. Which is not as easy. At least I've done it before.
Mary sighed and got into the car. Another victim, 23 year old Carla Taylor. Was just found dead in her house. A window was broken. Bitemark on her neck, no blood left in her veins.

Mary arrived outside the house and was met by a local cop. Since Mary only
had been living in Moonlight Falls for a couple of weeks, the police didn't recognize her. She held up one of her fake FBI-badges with the name Jenna Woods. "You don't look like a fed", the man said suspiciously. Mary quickly made up a lie. "I was working undercover"
The cop raised his eyebrows but let her in.
"You came here quick", he said.
"I was in the neighborhood", Mary answered shortly.
She was showed the room where Carla had been found. There was a pile of blood on the floor and some shattered glass, but at the first sight she couldn't see anything suspicious. She didn't even know what she was looking for. She was already sure that a vampire had done it. She
was just looking for some sort of clue on where the vampires were hiding. 
Mary left the crimescene and went to the morgue to check the body. The doctor showed her the bitemarks. But there was something that wasn't right. 
"Can you leave me alone for a moment?", Mary asked as politely as possible and the doctor left the room.
Mary took a closer look at the bite. It didn't look like it had been made by a vampire. At least not a real vampire, more like one of those from the old stories. Like Dracula. Those with only two fangs. What if it wasn't a vampire? She remembered her father telling her about a case he had been working on long before she was born, where a shapeshifter had taken the form of Dracula and other moviemonsters. Maybe she was dealing with something similar? She carefully touched the wound on the victims neck, and that's when she found something. Sulfur.
She took a look at the other corpses, and found even more sulfur. Not much at all, just a pinch, but it certainly was sulfur. Which only led to one thing- demons. But why would a demon drain a person on blood and make it look like a vampire had done it? Why would a demon even break into a house? 

Mary left the hospital, her thoughts were a mess. She got into the car and drove back to Carla's house.
She rushed into the room where Carla had been found. The policemen were finishing their investigation. Mary took a quick look around the room and just by the broken window she found more sulfur.
"Did you happen to find any sulfur in the other victims houses?", she asked one of the polices.
"Actually, we did. We think it's like the murderers signature", the man answered. "Why?"
"Just curious", Mary mumbled and went back to her car again.
So it must have been demons, then? What were they trying to do? Mary took up her phone and made a call.
"Hey Sam, it's Mary", she said.
"I know", Sam answered. He was getting old and was not hunting anymore, but he didn't have any troubles helping his niece.
"I'm working on a case in Moonlight Falls...-", Mary begun but Sam interupted her.
"You know that's dangerous. People might recognize you"
"I know, but I'm leaving as soon as I'm done. You see, there have been a few killings here. Bodies drained on blood. First, I thought it was vampires, but then I found sulfur. On all of the corpses and in the houses where they got killed"
"Why would demons do that?", Sam wondered.
"That's exactly what I'm trying to figure out. And the demons even broke into the houses"
"What if it's not demons?", Sam said all of a sudden.
"What? Do you have any other explanation?"
"Maybe it's something trying to make it look like demons?", Sam suggested.
"Something that's trying to make it look like demons and vampires, then?"
"I guess. I'll do some research and call you back" Sam hung up. Mary put down her phone and went to a nearby bar. She definitely needed a drink. Or two. Maybe ten.
"A female federal agent?", the man asked, holding back laughter. Mary nodded.
"There are not many of us, but we exist", she smiled and had a sip of her drink.
"I'm Mark, by the way" the man said and held out his hand. Mary took it.
"Jenna", she said. They both finished their drinks and Mark ordered two more.
"So what are you doing in town?", he asked.
"I'm working on these murders that have occurred"
"Oh, right. Six in like, two weeks?"
"Seven", Marry corrected.
"Wow, so you're pretty busy huh?"
"Well, I'm off duty right now"
"So you have time to come home with me, then?", Mark wondered, with a beautiful smile on his lips. Mary blushed a little, which she found awkward. Mark on the other hand thought it was really cute. They left their glasses half empty and got into Mark's car. Mary thought she could pick up the Impala in the morning, she could use a little walk after all.
They entered Mark's house and could barely keep their hands of each other. Their clothes were off even before they hit the bed, but when they did they slowed down a bit. Mark slowly put Mary down on the pillow and kissed her. Mary smiled against his lips and then they pulled the blanket above their heads.
Mary didn't wake up before the sun was up. She cursed and got out of bed to find her clothes. Her head was pounding and she felt sick and thirsty, but the memories of last night were amazing. She put her clothes on and left without saying a word to Mark. 

She walked back to the bar and was pleased to see her Impala on the parking lot. She drove home and took a well needed shower, and afterwards she saw herself in the mirror. 
Except for looking really hungover and tired, she saw some sort of a hickey on her neck. She looked a bit closer and realized that it looked like a bitemark, a little weaker than the ones Carla and the other victims had had. 
A sudden wave of nausea hit her and she had to sit down on the bathroom floor. She didn't really need to throw up, but she was not feeling good enough to stand up just yet. "I should've never had all of those drinks", she mumbled to herself. After 10 minutes Mary slowly stood up again and walked over to the sofa instead. She felt hungry and decided to order pizza, typical hangover food.
She had a few slices before feeling sick again, and put the leftovers in the fridge. Then she checked her phone again. Sam still hadn't texted back, and she was getting worried.
She called him but was directed to the voicemail. 
"Hey Sam, it's me. I really need to speak to you, I think I know who it might be. Call me", Mary said and hung up. 
She put the phone down again and thought about it for a second. Yep, Mark definitely seemed suspicious, but what if the bitemark on her neck was just a hickey and nothing else? Mary still decided to find out more about it, so she went back to Mark's place.
He opened the door and invited her in. He smiled and Mary tried to do the same, but ended up with some twisted up frown.
She decided to don't waste any time, and quickly whispered "christo".

Mark's eyes shifted to black. Mary gasped and took a step back.

Mark's smile turned into a grin and he pushed her up against the wall, crashing his lips against hers. Mary desperately tried to push him away, but he was strong. When he finally let her go, she sunk down on the floor.

"I slept with a demon?", she couldn't help but ask.
"Nah, it was partly Mark. Partly me" the demon grinned again. 
"Why didn't you kill me?", she whispered, her voice was now shaking. 
"You're way too pretty to be killed so soon. And I figured it might be interesting to play around with a hunter"

Mary stood up and tried to throw a punch at the demon, but he just slapped her and muttered something about 'stupid humans'. Mary bit her lip. If only she had the dagger. Or the Colt.

Mark bent down and kissed her again. Mary tried to fight him, but she was too weak. Suddenly she felt a sting on her neck, and then everything went black.

Mary woke up on the cold floor of Mark's basement. She felt even worse than before, the whole world was spinning. She only had one thought; how to escape. Suddenly Mark appeared in the room.

"Yes. You're infected", he said. Mary didn't even understand what he meant. Was he talking about... poison? Some sort or demon slash vampire poison? And if so, how was she still alive?
"I let you live for now, but as soon as it reaches your heart you'll probably die" Mark shrugged. "Which is a shame. I like you" he left the room, leaving the door open. Was it really that simple?

Mary slowly got up and walked as carefully as possible out of the house. Mark didn't follow her. She wasn't killed.
She got into the car, knowing she didn't have much time left to live. She hurried home, got her most important stuff and left Moonlight Falls. She had to meet Sam, immediately. Maybe he could help her. Maybe she didn't have to die.
If some of you who read this have never heard about Supernatural and have no idea what the heck I'm talking about, let me explain some of the stuff. Sulfur is something that demons leave behind them. So if it smells like sulfur, or if you find sulfur, a demon may have been there. "The Dagger" is, well, obviously a dagger. It can kill everything, including demons. Not ghosts of course. Sam and Dean Winchester got it from Ruby, a demon. "The Colt" is a gun made by Samuel Colt. Like the dagger, it can kill everything. It requires special ammo. Please comment and tell me what you think and I'll love you forever.